Syasyaman Tee reveals her life :D
"oh yes ,the past can hurt .But you can either run from it ,or learn from it ."-The Lion King

Chapter B

Hai And Hello ,Let us talk about Japanese Street Fashion today .
Actually I take a view of japenese fashion yang sekarang ,kelakar gila ,comel gila ,semua ada ,yang lelaki dah jadi macam perempuan kayyy .haha :P .I totally interested of their style ,sakai ke kalau pakai kat malaysia ?ohhh tidak ,we call this as fashion okay ?haha .Melihat kepada keadaannya ,well ,totally desire to change my style jadi colourful macam 1(st) picture tuh tapi kalau pakai macam tu and have some walk around the pavilion ,ohmygosh ,how COOL is that baby ?hahah :P .

Nik Jenna ,me love youuu ):

kita menyelit kan sesi berbaby kejap ,this is nik jenna nik khusairie ,I love her and she is so cute ,same like a chinesean baby ):