Syasyaman Tee reveals her life :D
"oh yes ,the past can hurt .But you can either run from it ,or learn from it ."-The Lion King

Chapter A

nampak lawa tak blog I ?haha:p .
Semua post telah didelete ,well ,abang kiem asked me to do so ,too much memories nak dipadam sekarang .New blog ,but old link ,lebih kurang lah ,tak berminat nak tukar link dia dah .Okay ,time for me to open a new chapter .Nak kenalkan diri tak ?haha :p
Well ,call me syahmi iman khan binti tasneem ahmad ,ehh salahh ,panggil syasya je or iman *student convent call me like that ,jangan gelak okay !haha .I have been studying at Smk convent for 5 months and a few days ,a lot of achievement in 5 months ,damn cool kan :P .

Ignore my annoying face ,that is me ,haha :P .I do love my imperfect life right now because it teaches me how to make it perfect .Paan and Abang Kiem always said to me you can't get everything that you want but you can try to get them ,so at least give a try right ?
Nahh .
Apa yang dimerepekkan pun dah taktau ,haha:P .Actually ,nak jadikan blog ni macam formal sikit sekarang ,tapi nak jugak jadikan story-mory about my life kan with irritating enemies ,great friends and of course ,superb families :* .

Okayy ,sekian chapter A ,nanti ada masa terluang ,saya sambungkan pula kepada chapter B ):