Syasyaman Tee reveals her life :D
"oh yes ,the past can hurt .But you can either run from it ,or learn from it ."-The Lion King

chapter C

I give up, not because I don't love you or I don't care, it's because you don't.
I learn that when I love someone like hell baby ,I can't get him .It's a great lesson for me actually ,yeah .This is part of mine .
I love this guy a lot and no one can beat his place inside here ,<3 .We were happy for a few months ,we did a lot of things together and I spend a lot of my times with him .Then ,the situation changed .I knew it going to be like that but I put too much hopes on this relationship .We became friends ,then special friends and in a split of seconds ,I said good bye to this relationship but still ,he is the best .Time pass by .I miss him .I still contact him as usual but I lost him .He is not mine anymore .He denied that fact .He said he got nobody else but I knew he is lying .He love his new one and he still in the relationship with that girl .On the first sight ,I don't give up but Im getting hurt when he kept lying and pretended like he is single .A few days ago ,I met him with that girl .My best friend saw them too and I really felt the world is not mine anymore but then I realized ,he actually didn't love me from the start ,our friendship after the breakup moment was not based on love ,he can say he loves me but he didn't ."I LOVE YOU" is just three simple words for him but as for me, it brings a lot of meanings .I locked my door .I threw my love feeling towards him far away from here ,<3 and I'm glad .Kakak is always right .When the moment come ,he will say that "kita tidak ada jodoh" .I knew the game and I play with it .
Take a lesson from it .

chapter B+

hello .I got nothing to do so come ,have a read over here ,inside my blog .

Dia dah potong rambut lahh ,handsome kan dia ,hahaxD .Dia memang cute okay dgn lesung pipit diaa ,sebijik look like chinese boy and he is so sweet :').haha.gedik sikit :).iron man :D

actually harini nak bercerita pasal abang jimbo .haha :P .I knew him at smk convent ,dia seorang pendebat yang sgt sgt hebat .My first impression when I saw him backup high school time lwn convent, "aku rasa nak sepak jea abang ni" .haha:P .Org ckp ,tak kenal maka tak cinta ,tak syg dan sebagainya kan?haha .well ,abang jimbo is not as what I expected .He is really a nice man .Dalam setiap competition debat kitorang ,he was there ,tolong fahamkan usul sampailah kitorang jadi juara daerah klang .Then ,dia pergi mekkah ,belajar dekat sana .kitorang pulak on the same time ,fighting dekat peringkat negeri without trainer sampailah last two days before nak lawan ,abang muhammad and cikgu rosli dtg train but the most surprise moment for us is ,bila dia sanggup flight balik dari mekkah masa hari kitorang nak bertanding dia sampai ,Ya Allah ,Im totally speechless .Haritu kitorang bertanding bukan sebab kitorang jea ,tapi sebab dia jugak .Baik kan?haha .Post ni doesn't mean I like him ,I just adore him ,cara dia bercakap ,cara dia melayan ,such a respectful guy .adore and like are two different things .I wish I can be like him but not him .